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Casita 4 You is located in the south of Tenerife (Canary Islands). The company is mainly active in South Tenerife.
We have been firmly established in Tenerife since 2009, but since 2001 we are already on the beautiful island of Tenerife.

A well established real estate agent on Tenerife Casita 4 you who is engaged in the sale of real estate and real estate. Are you looking for a property on Tenerife, we are looking for the perfect property on Tenerife. It is led by Johannes Paul den Bak and Magdalena Angelica Hernandez Zamora. Our team of driven professional brokers offer you our services.

We understand that buying a house abroad is nervous and discouraging to take the step, but we strive to guide our customers at every stage with clear advice in a supportive way, our team of personal real estate consultants. Due to the complex process of purchase or sale, and that from day 1 to processing by notarial legislation, think about your wishes, your circumstances and your wallet. Experienced customized advice, always up-to-date with the latest laws and regulations in the field of real estate.

We are a unique team of talented professionals who know the market in Tenerife (Canary Islands).

For many of our customers, buying a first or two house is the highlight in their lives, the ultimate investment satisfaction of a long cherished dream and we are happy to participate.

That is why we take our responsibility very seriously and we do everything we can to ensure the process and the result matches the expectations of the customer.

We strive to achieve the highest possible success for our customer.

Are you looking for a suitable first or second home in Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands? We help you find a beautiful Spanish home.

If you have found a beautiful property or suitable apartment, you can buy, then we will start. If you enable a broker, you save a lot of time and effort and more money.

The broker’s expertise also protects you against pitfalls.
Why Tenerife, (Canary Islands)?
Why buy a second home in Spain if you can become cheaper in the Canary Islands?

This is the time to buy a second home or apartment on one of the islands (Tenerife extra marked):

1. House prices are very good at the time of purchase.
2. The islands are developing at a rapid pace: your real estate is increasing in value;
3. Tenerife is safe for the whole year;
4. Tenerife is international in nature;
5. Tenerife has a breathtaking nature and has the cleanest air from all over Europe;
6. Tenerife is a large island that makes you feel unaffected.
7. The prices of the necessities of life are on average lower than in the rest of Spain. The VAT rate is 5% to 7%, and gasoline, for example, does not cost EUR 1 per liter.
8. Prices will rise in the future, for example if the Tenerife metro is delivered in a few years. The whole island is even more manageable, not just for car owners;
9. Large companies invest heavily, including infrastructure. Tenerife is seen as a European springboard for emerging countries in Africa.


There are English clubs, very good medical facilities, the most beautiful golf courses in the world, hiking trails, crowded beaches, quiet beaches and coves, atmospheric eateries, including many cheap tapas bars and much more.

Enjoy the beautiful sea water averaging 18 to 22 degrees, and realize that swimming a few hundred meters away, dolphins and whales. Rent a boat or take care of someone who has experience with it!
The friendliness of the population hardly knows any limits; You feel more than welcome.

Casita 4 You your webpage uses the latest technology and allows you to search for Homes based on location, price, type, of all our real estate and Real Estate matters.

For more information, please mail us or call us, we will do our best to answer all your questions about real estate in Tenerife.


Real Estate-Property Selection

We offer you a free and free advice on the real estate market on the island of Tenerife, the benefits of a certain residential area, conditions of purchase, registration of real estate, issuance of mortgage loans, etc. We will also, if you wish, guide you to visit the selected Real Estate Real Estate that meets your requirements.

Analysis of legal clarity:

The free services include a full analysis of the property for legal clarity. When you buy a home from us we take care of all paperwork, notary and document control.

When you buy a property on Tenerife, we ask the contract the “Compra Venta” to the owner in which the cadastral number is clearly stated. We take a copy of the deed and hand it over to the Notary. We also ask for the most recent payment receipts for water, electricity and IBI (cadastral income) and proof of the Community.

Subsequently, a “Simple Nota” must be applied for (extract from the land register in which any debts, hypotheques or charges would rest on the property). A notary can not take out a deed if debts or charges in the “Nota Simple” would occur. We ask for a certificate from the community stating that all costs will be paid to the community (Community) until the date of the deed. Once all these documents have been collected, we can hand them over to the clerk of the notary for a draft of prepare the deed. Before signing at the notary, you will go through all of our supervision together with the notary and confirm that you have understood everything. The deed will clearly state that the good you purchase is free of expenses, residents, occupiers, mortgages, attachments or other costs! With the slightest doubt, we are there to intervene in time.


Once all these steps have been taken, we can together plan your return trip to Tenerife to extend the deed at the notary. On the date that the deed will be executed at the notary, we go together at the agreed time on site to review the draft and we check whether everything is correct. The execution of the deed at the notary itself will take only five minutes.

He will ask you if you have understood everything and if you agree. then he will sign the deed. If there was a mortgage or a charge on the property, the bank or the slander must first have signed another deed of cancellation before you can sign. This usually happens on the same day but can also be done in advance. In case this happens on the day itself, you will have to issue several bank checks in the name of the billing company (bank) and the remaining amount to the seller.

When you leave the notary’s office you will receive a “Copia Simple” of the deed, this is your proof of ownership of the notarial profession,

NIE Number (without NIE, no purchase)

We go with you to the Policia Nacional to obtain your NIE number. This is a Tax number that you must request to be able to make a Real Estate Real Estate purchase in Spain.

This NIE number will also be needed later for your bank account to open, fire insurance, customs at relocations, transfer of your car, etc.

we prepare all necessary documents as well as a payment document for the Policia Nacional where you pay the Tasa of € 9.48, – per person, in addition to another form (EX 15) would be needed, You also need your passport and copy passport take.

Request bank number:

When you have the NIE number, we go to the bank to open your account. This is necessary because you can only pay with a Spanish bank check at a Spanish notary and therefore have to transfer the funds to your Spanish account. For this check (the day of signing at the notary) the bank will charge you costs of between 150 and 600 € depending on the amount.

How much tax do I pay if I sell in tenerife.

If the customer makes an offer, we will discuss this with you, and if we have an agreement, we will make the compromise.
The buyer will then deposit an advance of 10% and it is important that you realize at this moment that you can not return. If for some reason you do not want to sell anymore, you have to pay back the DUBBEL advance.

When determining the price of your property, you should also keep in mind that the customer will always make an offer that is lower than your asking price.

Which documents do we need to include your property in our portfolio?

– A copy of your deed
– A copy of the energy certificate

Before the deed is signed at the notary, we also need the following documents:

– Your last invoice of water and electricity
– Proof of the payment of IBI
– Proof that the ‘Comunidad’ has been paid
– Proof of payment of the garbage service
– A copy of your NIE and passport / identity card
– If you have another mortgage on the property, the contact details of your bank.

What are the costs if you sell in Tenerife as a non-resident?

– Plus Valia Tax: this is a tax that you have to pay to the municipality. It is calculated on the basis of the taxable value of the property and the number of years that have passed since the property was purchased. Usually this amount is withheld from the notary by the buyer, so he is sure that this tax is paid.

– 3% withholding tax on the Capital Gains Tax. Capital gains tax is a tax on the capital gain, the profit you make on the sale. If you owned the property for several years, the sales price will be significantly higher than your then purchase price. The buyer withholds 3% from the notary and will pay it to the Spanish authorities within 30 days, you will receive proof of this. In this way the government wants to prevent you from leaving the country after the sale and never returns and therefore does not pay capital gains tax. The capital gains tax is 21% since 2012. If the 3% withholding tax is not sufficient, the Spanish authorities can pursue you in your country of origin.

Documentation needed.

– Note simple
– Identity documents for the intervenants (NIE, DNI, passport, identity card).
– NON-RESIDENT CONTENT 3% (IF this certificate of FINANCE resident abroad residence tax residence THESAURIE)

Additional costs of purchasing properties:

– Capital Transfer Tax: 6.5% of the purchase price
– Tax legal acts (first shipment only): 1%.
– Notary fees – an average of € 700 per share. The amount depends on the number of official forms in writing and the number of owners.
– Registration of the deed in the land registry – an average of 400 euros.
– Legal Management Services – 700 euros.
– When making a mortgage loan, the higher amounts for the following costs are added:
– Banking commission for a loan – 1% of the amount spent.
– Evaluation of the property by an independent assessment company – 200 – € 450, depending on the size and complexity of the building.
– For the second statement (that sets the relationship with the bank of the borrower buyer) – 600 euros.

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